Why do home insurance companies ask about permanently installed heat source?

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One of the questions found in a homeowners insurance application is about how you keep your home warm in the winter.  Now I know that in Laredo, TX winter only lasts about 1 week, but the question of home heating in a home insurance policy always comes up.  I remember going through “winter” months in Laredo without ever turning the heat on!  Do we really need a permanently installed heat source in Laredo, TX?  To you or me, maybe not.  But to an insurance company, how you keep your house warm when it gets cold is always a concern.  One of the biggest causes of house fires is attributed to portable space heaters.  Thus, it’s completely understandable for an insurance company know about how your home is kept warm and if they want to take on a risk of insuring a house with no permanently installed heat source.

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