What is bobtail coverage in a truckers insurance policy in Laredo, TX?

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to serve many truck drivers insurance needs in the Laredo, TX area.  One question comes up often.  What is bobtail insurance in a truckers policy?  Bobtail coverage is when you are operating your rig without the trailer.  For example, you might drive your 18-wheeler without a trailer to the mechanic’s shop for general maintenance.  In that circumstance, you wouldn’t be on dispatch nor pulling a load, so Bobtail Insurance Coverage would be needed.  So where does the Truckers Liability Coverage come in?  Semi truck owners who are leased by another trucking company, may be working under that trucking company’s motor carrier authority.  If so, the coverage should lie under the trucking company’s insurance policy.  I must mention that I always recommend to confirm coverage before driving a semi-truck.  You need to confirm where the coverage kicks in.  Confirm if there is coverage when you are on dispatch or not, and when you are pulling a load or not.  There should be no gray area here.  On the other hand, if you purchased a Truckers Liability policy  through an independent agent and the policy contains “Trucker’s Liability,” then you’d have coverage whether your pulling a load or not.


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