Shopping for Car Insurance in Laredo, TX

If you are you considering switching agents?  Then the next step is to start shopping for car insurance.  There are essentially 3 ways to shop.  You could get an insurance quote from a company directly either online or through a 1-800 number.  You could get a quote from a captive agent such as State Farm agent.  A captive agent typically is bound by contract to place a client’s insurance policy with their captive company and is not free to place with any other company if the client meets their own underwriting guidelines.  These companies are good reliable companies with name recognition.  Local captive agents are knowledgeable and you can meet them in a face to face meeting.  However, because a local captive agent is many times limited to his contracted carrier, he will be limited with the options available.  Thus, you might not get the “best” deal out there.  A third option is shopping with a local independent insurance agency.  This in my opinion, must be in the mix when you’re shopping for car insurance in Laredo or home insurance in Laredo.  In addition to having a person to talk to should the need arise, an independent agent is knowledgeable and is contracted with many insurance companies.  Some companies are regional companies with good financial ratings and service, while others, like Progressive Insurance, are national insurance companies.  For example, when a customer comes to me asking to “bundle” his car insurance and home insurance policies to get a multi-policy discount, assuming underwriting eligibilities are met, I will quote ALL the home insurance companies that we are contracted with and ALL of the car insurance companies we are contracted with.  Sometimes we might find that the best deal is keeping the auto insurance and house insurance with the same insurance company, such as Safeco Insurance.  But many times, it’s better to have a mix between company A for the car insurance and company B for the home insurance.  In short, a good independent agent can provide options.



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