My Son Turned 16 and Just Got His Driver’s License

When long time customers call advising that their son had just received his driver’s license, they always seem to brace for the bad news…the auto insurance premium went up!  The rate increase is inevitable because, let’s face it, insurance companies rate their policies based on the risk of loss and the amount of potential damages that will inevitably be paid out.  Thus, a youthful driver, with no experience, presents a greater risk of car crash.  However, insurance companies also recognize the not all teenagers drive the same way.  And not all teenagers lack maturity.  How could an insurance company distinguish between a “mature” teen to a not so mature teen?  One way is by demonstrating good academic responsibility.  Here’s where the “good student” discount comes in.  If your teen driver is a full time student with a “B” average or better, he will normally qualify for a discount.  Keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer the same type of discount, but most will offer some type of discount.  With an independent agent helping you, you could be rest assured that they scrubbed all the discounts available to you.  In fact, what we as agency do as courtesy to our clients is to offer a re-quote on auto insurance to make sure that the current policy is best value for you.  Some companies rate youthful operators less than others.  It’s important to check them all out.


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