Does my car insurance cover me when I’m driving a golf cart on the Laredo golf course?

After reading a tragic story about a man that crashed his golf cart into another golf cart and killed somebody, I came to wonder, do you know if your car or home insurance would cover such a loss? Because a golf cart is not registered vehicle designed for street use, the Texas auto insurance policy would not cover a loss because it is not defined as an “auto.”  Thus the coverage would likely come from your home or renters insurance policy, unless you purchased some sort of specialty policy designed for golf carts.  For example, the unendorsed Texas Homeowners Form A policy would cover your liability claim while driving a golf cart but only while you are on a golf course or on your premises.  I’ve seen in some golf course neighborhoods where golfers ride their golf cart on the streets to the golf course from their house.  While they are on the street, there is no coverage.  There is one caveat.  There are some policies that have plenty of exclusions and may even exclude all personal liability.  It’s important to discuss specifics with your agent and tell your agent if you regularly use a golf cart.

Should you have any questions specifically about whether there is coverage while riding a golf cart, please refer to your policy, call your agent, or call us and we could look at your policy together to confirm.



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