Does car insurance cover your rental car? Do I need to buy insurance at rental car agency?

Does car insurance cover your rental car?  Do I need to buy the damage waiver at rental car agency?  These are questions that come up when you’re at a rental car company renting a car for your family vacation.  When an insurance customer rents a car in Laredo, TX and is taking weekend long vacation to San Antonio the rental agency needs to be sure that their auto is protected.  Most, not all, auto insurance policies will cover your rental car to some extent.  However, there are gaps in coverage.  The auto policy typically does not cover loss of value of the car.  If the rental car is crashed and as a result the value of the vehicle drops, then the “diminished value” is not covered.   What’s worse is if the wrecked rental vehicle is in the shop for several days, and obviously the vehicle cannot be rented while it is in repair, then the loss of rents won’t be covered either.   Diminished value and loss of rents could amount to thousands of dollars out of your pocket!  Lastly, should there be a small claim, such as a cracked windshield, you’d typically have to meet the auto insurance insurance deductible before your auto insurance policy begins to payout.  So, should you purchase the damage waiver at the rental car company?  I always advise our customers that even if your auto insurance policy will cover losses to the rental car there are gaps in coverage.   Do I, myself purchase the damage waiver from the rental car agency in Laredo, TX on my way to San Antonio?  The answer is a resounding YES!

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