Are Insurance Rates Higher in Laredo, TX than other Cities?

This is a question that we are asked often especially when someone moves to Laredo, TX.  The answer is quite simply, “It depends.”  Home insurance rates are typically lower in Laredo compared to, for example Houston.  However, there is an upward trend due to an extremely high number of law suits filed against home insurers in Webb County.  But that topic I will leave for another discussion.  Insurance premiums are “zip-code sensitive.”  Generally speaking, car insurance rates in Laredo, TX are lower than that of other bigger cities in Texas.  However, driver age, marital status, homeowner status, and such will influence the discounts that are available thus influencing the insurance cost.  It is good to shop for auto insurance with an independent insurance agent.  An independent insurance agent could shop for car insurance with several insurance companies thus optimizing your chance of keeping insurance costs down. 

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